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March Maintenance

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March Madness Maintenance

Okay so most of y’all know we are open year round and we have a ton of winter fun. Spring we associate with spring cleaning- clearing out the cobwebs and slapping a fresh coat of paint on those picnic tables for you.

Here’s what we’ve done for you since you (probably) last saw us.

New blacktop: we dropped… I can’t even say it… so much money on new blacktop for River Vista. Springs pop out of the ground over up here, and the water gets into the roads and makes it not so pretty. But now, you can enjoy our fresh blacktop! Also included: all our Premium Pull-Thru sites are paved (yay!) AND we added concrete roll curbs throughout the park.

Future Proofing Infrastructure: While we were having the blacktop done, we threw some conduit in the ground from our office down to the fishing pond. While we aren’t using it yet, it’s easily accessible in the offchance fiber internet becomes available, so we will be able to upgrade quickly and easily if it becomes financially feasible.

Speaking of Internet: Yes, we are on the Starlink WaitList. Until that becomes available here, we’ve spent a boatload on upgrading our WiFi equipment with Interstate Telecommunications. They still have their 1-800 number you can call at any time for assistance in connecting your device to the internet. We also put WiFi extender boosters in all of our rental cabins. You’re welcome.

New Website: You may have noticed we completely overhauled our website. The old one was fine, but we believe a picture speaks a thousand words, so our new website has only the information you want to know and tons of photos to really show off why Good Sam continues to rate us 10-10-10. And if you’re reading this, you must have noticed our beautiful new blog. This is one of the places we’re going to try to keep you updated on all our fun. For more info, follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

Ahh the Facebook: We admit that our social media accounts have been… not so great in the past. I can only do so much, and it just wasn’t a priority. But now we’ve got the most amazing new team member who takes photos and videos so you’ll always know what’s going on here (and the fun you’re missing out on if you’re NOT here). So our social media accounts are about to get a WHOLE lot better. Torri, you’re rocking it. Thanks for getting the word out about our beautiful north Georgia campground.

Events: River Vista is taking a more active role in our community. This means you’ll see us out and about more, and probably hear us talk about some fun events going on in AND OUT of the campground. We recently donated to the Sky 96.3 Radio Auction (congrats to our winner- we’ll see you soon!) and we’re sponsoring the Dillard Bluegrass & BBQ Festival, and I hope y’all will join us there in August. We’re planning a toy drive for the families who foster kids in the area and will accept donations for that during our annual Patriotic Christmas in July weekend. And we really hope you will continue to participate in our food drive during the Thanksgiving season. Check out our events page who each holiday will benefit so we can continue to build up our local community.

Landscaping: is something we continually keep up with. This year, however, we had to cut down a LOT of dead trees along the creek, which means the creek offers a much prettier view. We also put in some new iceplant, roses, etc. Shawn even planted a zinnia patch, so you can cut your own pretty flowers for your picnic table.

Cabins: The cabins got a bit of a facelift this offseason. One of our team members (-cough- Rhonda -cough-) was handed the credit card and went on a shopping spree, and then carefully curated all the cute things you now see in our cabins. The result is a much prettier, less sterile and more comfortable cabin setting. We know you pay good money to stay in our cabins, so we want you to feel at home and fully enjoy the environment AND the setting. Additionally, as stated above, all the cabins now have WiFi extender boosters, so you shouldn’t have a problem connecting to the internet inside.

Buildings and Pavilions: You might notice when you get here that the buildings are getting an exterior facelift. The Mountain Village Center has already had installed some sparkling, new, durable fascia. Currently, we are working on re-staining the cabins. It may seem like that won’t make a difference to you, but we know we have to keep this place looking fresh to keep you wanting to stay here.

So there it is! That’s what we’ve been working on to keep you happy. When you pay your hard earned money to come here, we turn around and spend it on hiring the best people and reinvesting it in keeping this place beautiful.

We know that it’s a choice you make to come here, and we will always strive to be worthy of that choice. Thank you for your continued patronage.

Sarah Ann