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Beautiful North Georgia Campground Resort

Lots for Sale! Lots for Sale!

River Vista is now offering a very limited selection of RV sites for sale with beautiful mountain views at a luxury campground in the North Georgia Mountains. Interested in owning the perfect camping and relaxing spot? Look no further than River Vista RV Resort.

Camper Rentals Windy Sky

Now Offering Camper Rentals

Y’all!! We have some BIG like REALLY BIG news to share. But first… I want you to think about how many times you, your friends, or your family, have all wanted to join each other while camping. But someone just doesn’t have an RV, right? You know that’s why we have our rental cabins. 1… Read More »Now Offering Camper Rentals

RV Aerial

March Maintenance

March Madness Maintenance Okay so most of y’all know we are open year round and we have a ton of winter fun. Spring we associate with spring cleaning- clearing out the cobwebs and slapping a fresh coat of paint on those picnic tables for you. Here’s what we’ve done for you since you (probably) last… Read More »March Maintenance